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Last Update December 03 2017

Waterfire Sharon Pennsylvania 2014 (Video)

This is the official video of Waterfire Sharon PA that took place in 2014. This version is 7:30 and includes highlights from the three events including ground and aerial shots, produced and edited by Jerry Stigliano Videography.

Eric Bombeck's "The Way We Were" by Nate Clark

One snowy, black and white picture from just over 71 years ago provides a glimpse through a window into the world as it was. It is about to change, forever, and the world will be a better place. To read more and see the photo click on the title.

DSF Slag Video

A brief history of the Shenango Furnace in Sharpsville, PA, which is now the site of the Development of Sharpsville Furnace. Learn more about this area's past, present, and future plans for development.

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