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We welcome you to the Buhl Model Train Society Website. We were formed in 2008 as a society wanting to share our love of model railroad trains particularly to children of 'all ages.' Most of the members enjoyed model railroading during the 1950's playing and learning from these post-war collections which are still running to this day.

Each year we offer a holiday model railroading show in December geared toward the family. We have never had an admission charge and the show has always been well received. The train show which is held each year in the Buhl Community Recreation Center, which held on the second floor in the gymnasium..

Now that we have a new website. We can now expand our love of model railroading to everyone. There is a lot to see here. We have photos of our train displays from the train shows each year and our ever so popular modular O scale layout thanks to Bob Shannon for his hard work.

We also have train videos and live streaming train crew chatter from around the USA. Take a look at our calendar of events to see what is going on in the world model railroading in the area. Also if you want to have a job on our website to monitor our forum. You can do so by clicking on the link to see if you would be perfect for the job. I hope you enjoy our love of model railroading as much as we do so, we hope that you would sign up as a member and get the additional benefits to see what you are missing!

New Mobile Site:

Just type in the same address in your mobile web browser and you will get some of the same features from the main site. Like Timeline, Our Staff, Community, Catalogs, Train shows, Train Maps, and Contact page. If you want to look at the news, train feeds, photo gallery, videos, downloads, train feeds, and forum. You would have to be on a desktop computer. The mobile site is a slimmed-down version of our site. You still have access to our facebook messenger to ask questions from our staff.

Monthly Reminders:

These videos are hosted by Virtual Railfan and they have other live webcams across the USA, UK, and Canada. To see more cams click on the button to subscribe to their membership.

These videos are hosted by Railstream and they have other live webcams across the USA, and Canada. To see more cams click on the button to subscribe to their membership.

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